Thursday, July 24, 2008

The theater, darling!

It was an overcast Wednesday night. Chris and I loaded the girls in the car and headed out to meet his mom for some fine dining (Panera) and a show at our center for performing arts. The show we were taking in (all thanks to Grandma)?

As you can see, the actors' faces were shown instead of replicas of the cartoons, I read that's so the kids can see their expressions. That's all well and good, but if you have a particular preschooler who notices things like "those are just adults dressed in costumes" (as one sitting behind us did) or cares that the voices don't sound a great deal like the actual cartoon (as mine did), you may have a slight challenge ahead of you. The show was really cute and fun, and Grace's favorite, Uniqua, maintained her cheery smile throughout the whole show, and there was definitely enough music and comedy for kids to keep her entertained! Rachael enjoyed it too! She watched all of it, only taking her eyes off the stage when she changed laps! :-) She clapped and cheered, had a ball!

Grace with her shield!

"Mommy, it's not a hat!"
Rachael thinks it works as an accessory too!

Today was another big day! While we were in California, Chris' mom took the girls to the library one day and said they really enjoyed it, so I took them to ours today and...

Grace got her first library card!

I think she was supposed to get a cute, colorful one with a turtle or something on it because she's not 5 yet (less than 2 months!!), so I'm going to have to call about that.

Rachael had fun too!
(This is what you get when you ask her to smile now! PRECIOUS!)

Grace is getting ready to go to KinderPraise next week, and then before we know it we'll be getting a home visit from her teacher at her new school, and then it's going to be time for school to start! And then she's going to turn 5! ACK!!!

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