Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sisterly Love

I almost forgot about this picture! This was when we went to dinner before The Backyardigans -- Grace asked for a hug, and Rachael happily obliged! This is something that's been happening more often lately, especially if one of them gets upset. If Grace starts to whimper or cry (which happens mostly when she doesn't get her way), Rachael will come over and hug her and give her a big kiss complete with sound effect! MMMM-WAH! When Rachael is upset, Grace will say, "Come here, Rachael," and Rachael will walk over with her arms outstretched. Grace is currently trying to teach Rachael how to give and receive Eskimo kisses, the same way our Daddy did with my sister and I. Grace even keeps the "mugga, mugga" sound effect we had with that. :-) These are the best days!!

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