Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun on the 4th! (And 3rd, and 5th!)

Could this summer BE any fuller?? I cannot believe that July is already here and we are already almost a week through it! Chris' holiday weekend wasn't much of a holiday at all as he and his dad were umpiring every day, 2 games per day, for a tournament! He was able to join us for Princess Abbey's 3rd birthday, though! The girls were all smiles in the pictures shown above... Let's just say I was fortunate to get those shots! ;-) It was a great party with several beautiful princesses running around, my girls were just a little moody!!

Papa came to visit us on the 4th, bearing gifts! Grace has taken the Nemo-type stuffed fish with her everywhere so far! Papa knows what he's doing and also brought BUBBLES! It was a beautiful day, so we went outside and the girls had so much fun chasing them everywhere! I got some fun "action shots" that are in the slideshow below!

That evening, Rachael and Chris were completely wiped out, and at the last minute Grace and I were able to join the Campbells to go watch the fireworks. Grace has outgrown being afraid of them, and she only covers her ears during the finale! It's so fun to hear her commentary throughout the show! I snuck in a picture of she and I at the end, and someone else snuck into the shot as well! :-) So cute!

Chris and his dad finished up late on the 4th, so after they got home on the 5th we went over for a little cookout. Grandpa was in the backyard with the girls, and I took some fun pictures of Rachael, our little athlete, that I put in the slideshow. There were too many to choose from!! In a RARE moment of stillness, I grabbed a picture of she and I -- I think it's the first one I've gotten like this since she was about 6 months old! Look at those eyes!

Well, I'm going to try to show the slideshow in a separate post, it's not working in this one! Hope you and your family had fun celebrating our Independence Day!

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