Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Home again, home again!

Did I fall off the face of the earth? Well, no, but I did almost wind up in Mexico!

While Grace and I were visiting my sister in Georgia, Chris found out that he was definitely being sent for training on a program he uses at work. Where was the training? Temecula, California -- a wine country area just one hour north of San Diego. Being the amazing, wonderful, BEST HUSBAND EVER that he is, he bought me a plane ticket so I could go too!

Yes, that means Chris and I were gone by ourselves for about a week. I couldn't believe it either! His parents lovingly cared for the girls while we were gone, and a dear friend offered to keep Snickers.

Now, you would think that I would have at least one slideshow's worth of photos to share. Nope. On the third day, I accidentally deleted all of the pictures I'd taken. Granted, there weren't that many (I was surprised, too), but I liked what I had and it was disappointing! When we first arrived, even though I was feeling pretty rotten, Chris and I took a Trolley Tour of San Diego. It was actually a lot of fun! Except when the trolley went over the Coronado Bridge. Chris' leg may still be bruised from where I had gripped it for that part of the ride!

Coronado Bridge -- scary!
The second day, Chris began training and I returned to San Diego to meet a friend at Seaport Village. After being directed to two different trolleys (the kind that are really more like trains) that were heading for Mexico rather than my desired destination, I was told by the third police officer I asked that I could walk to where I wanted to be. Walk! It was about a mile and a half away, but walking that distance in San Diego, California is much different than walking a mile basically anywhere in Florida! NO HUMIDITY! Now, the locals were commenting on how bad it was, and I just laughed. I walked the distance without breaking a sweat! The scenery was gorgeous, the weather was beautiful -- I very well could have skipped through the streets! But I didn't!

Me at Seaport Village

Very cool monument next to the USS Midway. (Taken by my tour guide for the day!)

So I made it to Seaport Village and I ate lunch with my friend and her adorable son, then we continued to just stroll down Harbor Drive and take in the sights. That evening, Chris and I went to Ladera Beach to meet some friends that had moved to California from Florida and we got to meet their adorable son after seeing him grow up in pictures for almost a year! It couldn't have been a more perfect day! Well, we could've done without Highway 74 -- forever known to us as Dramamine Drive! Thankfully our friends gave us an alternate route back!

Highway 74 - scarier!!

The next three days while Chris was in training, I busied myself doing... Well, pretty much nothing! I drove through the Temecula Valley Wine Country, I read, I slept, I lounged at the pool. It was wonderful! Chris was done no later than 4:30 each day so we had plenty of time together in the evenings. The last day we went through Temecula's Old Town with his three co-workers (they definitely made the trip even more fun!), did some light shopping and then had dinner.

We were definitely ready to get home to our girls!! The trip was amazing and I am so thankful we had that time together (and I had that time to myself), but there is a lot to be said to hearing the squeal of "Mommy!" and feeling little arms tight around your neck!!

Just Chris and I -- we were tired!!

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