Sunday, March 15, 2009

Respect Your Realtor

Sunday was our second day house hunting with our realtor. We were prepared for an afternoon where the most exciting part of the day would be finding a great house in a great neighborhood in a great school district. We were NOT prepared to drive by and see this:

As we were heading to the second house of the day, we came across that brush fire. We've had some dry weather lately, and it was just breezy enough for this to be pretty scary. Our realtor stopped her car and I thought she was just going to dial 911. Before I knew it, she and Chris were out of the car and in the backyard.

That's Chris in the picture, the one closest to the fire. He had a hose that had very, very little water pressure and was trying to work with it. He quickly put it down and went to the house to use the large paint buckets the homeowner, our realtor and one other person were filling up.

Obviously, I stayed back. But even from where I was, it was HOT!! Thankfully it wasn't long at all before the calvary arrived. (Good to know for future reference -- that area has good emergency response time!) You can see just how close the fire was to the home here:

That was a little too much excitement for your average day of house hunting!

And now to lighten things up... The Adorables!

Now that it stays lighter longer, the guys are able to go out and play Ultimate Frisbee again! This past Friday, the girls and I went out to watch, but of course we spent a lot of time at the playground nearby. At one point, Grace and Rachael were sliding down the medium-sized slide together and having a blast! I'd had a rough week for various reasons, and they really ended it on a great note! Look at how much fun they were having together!!

Hope you have a great week! And please remember... "Only you can prevent forest fires!" Wait, I just read that that was updated in 2001! So remember: "Only you can prevent wildfires!"

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

Rachael and I paid tribute to Dr. Suess by doing laundry and sorting socks! She found new socks. Two socks. Who's socks? Sue's socks. Doesn't Rachael look like she's having a blast? She loves to just toss out all the other clean clothes to search for the socks, then she sticks her hand in and pulls the end through -- even if it was already right-side-out! That's okay though, there's no way I'm going to stop her and risk discouraging her from helping with the laundry!

While we were at home celebrating in our own way, Grace's class had green eggs and ham! She would not eat them here or there, she would not eat them anywhere! She did, however, wear her Cat In The Hat hat, which she was very proud of! That, and her whiskers -- can you see them? She's hoping they stay on until Daddy gets home! Thankfully there's plenty of eyeliner around in case there's a whisker emergency!