Friday, February 27, 2009

The 4th Girl in the Family

Poor, forgotten Snickers!

Here she is with Rachael and Grace, everyone smiling so pretty for the camera! Every week, Grace's VPK class has their show and tell and the items they bring in correspond to what letter of the alphabet they are studying. Grace came up with the idea of bringing in a picture of Snickers, and then we figured if Rachael was in the shot, she'd have two things representing S -- Snickers and her sister!

Snickers is a little over 6 years old now, and she's a great dog! She plays with the girls, lets them love on her, and she even tolerates their friends! She is still very much a Daddy's Girl -- she probably feels the strong "cat person" vibes coming from Mommy!

She may not get as much camera time, but we love Snickers just the same!

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