Monday, February 9, 2009


It was bound to happen. Today it did. A wee bit earlier than I expected though...

Grace got her first phone call.

Sure, she has talked to her friend, Faith, on the phone before, but it was usually because Faith's mom and I had already been talking. This took me by surprise. I answered the phone and a sweet little 4-year-old voice identified herself and asked to speak to Gracie.

It was a friend of Grace's from school, and Grace was so happy to talk to her since she had to stay home sick today!

In the picture, you'll notice a book -- Dr. Seuss' Hop on Pop. That was given to her by her Grandma when she came over for a visit. She and Grandpa came for a visit specifically so Grace could read a book to them! In school they got to pick a book from the library, and Grace brought home Dora's Picnic by Christina Ricci. She brought it home, and pretty much read it cover to cover -- I had no idea! Sure, she had to ask about a few words (I cannot explain why brought sounds the way it does when it looks the way it does, which is why she will go to public school), but for the most part she had it down!

Now she's enjoying Hop on Pop, and she even told her friend she was reading a rhyming book.

Reading books. Talking on the phone.

Check back tomorrow, when I write about Grace's first time driving...

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Sonya said...

Nooooo! They grow up TOO fast! I just noticed today how big Sophie is getting (she seems really tall/long) and then I started beating myself up for not taking enough photos (not just candids) and I'm like, hello, she's five months old...cut yourself some slack. Goodness, the Motherhood Guilt is already setting in ;-)