Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A week to celebrate!

"Oh my gosh! I'm FIVE!!" I don't know why she posed like she's channeling Kevin McCallister, but it works! One day wasn't good enough for Grace, we celebrated her birthday just about every night last week! And some days too! Monday night, we went to Pump-It-Up, where she had her birthday party last year. We just went with a couple of her friends, and she had a blast! Rachael was pretty content sitting in Daddy's lap for quite a while, but soon enough she was showing interest in the big slide. With Daddy's arm in a sling (although that's gotten much better!), it was up to MOMMY to take her down! She loved it soooo much! One time, all three of us went down (me, Rachael and Grace), and that was definitely an adventure!

On Tuesday night, we had a visit from the girls' Papa (Vanessa's dad). His birthday was Monday, so he stopped by for dinner and he brought entertainment in the form of his Wii! That was a huge hit, not only with Grace, but with me too! Grace played golf (her choice, she insisted), then bowling. I let everyone stay up way too late that night!

Wednesday was her actual birthday, and although I didn't bring goodie bags for the kids in her class (I just can't get into that), I did make cupcakes. (Yes, I said make, and yes, they came from a box. You can't go wrong with Funfetti.) Grace was so proud bringing them in! We stopped by Nana's office on our way home, where Grace got the gift she'd been waiting for -- the new Little Mermaid movie! It also included a comb and hairbrush (plus a tiara) all with Ariel on them, and Grace now insists we can only comb and brush her hair with those. Chris' mom came by after she got out of school with gifts from her and Grandpa, as well as Aunt Lisa and Uncle Darryl. Lots of miniature toys (and his mom is so brilliant, she brought a Rubbermaid container to keep them all in!) that Grace plays with... while watching the new Little Mermaid movie. These toys are especially fun for her, because they remind her of the toys she played with when she was visiting her cousins in Georgia this summer! (By the way, Katrina, she wants to go back to Savannah's other Nana's so they can play Polly Pocket together again.)

But wait! There's more! A while ago we asked Grace where she'd rather go for her birthday, Sea World or Busch Gardens. She chose Sea World, so that's where we went on Saturday. Chris' mom was able to join us, and we had a blast, as usual! It was especially fun watching Rachael get so much more involved this time! She was able to ride a few of the rides this time, and I think she might've tried to touch a stingray if we'd let her! (I touched FIVE of those slimy little suckers, and Grace still wouldn't try herself!)

More pictures, of course!

Rachael comforted the Xbox controller, feeling sorry for it the night the Wii came. On Wednesday, I let her sample some frosting. (Because I was, and she caught me!) She made such a fuss when I told her it was all gone, I gave her the container to prove it. She managed to scrape every last little bit out!!

First of all, isn't this cute? Grace is poised to take Chris' position one day as tour guide at Sea World.
And Rachael looks thrilled to be in the stroller, doesn't she? She was! If we were having trouble with her at all, if we asked, "Wanna go in the stroller?" she would immediately relax! This was the best. thing. EVER! It was my gift from Chris for the day. It was even more fun to watch the girls interact in it, or watch Grace sling her arm behind Rachael's shoulders as we strolled along. I don't think I can go to any theme park again without renting one of these!
Here's Grace waiting patiently for some dolphins to swim by.
Even though they changed the layout and you can't really get close to where the dolphins frequent unless you spend $7 for 4 slimy fish to feed them. I'm not bitter.
Miss Rachael checking out the sea turtles.
You can tell it's at the beginning of the day -- her hat is still on!

Rachael was willing to have her picture taken with the big penguin. Grace was not.
I wish I could enlarge this picture -- Rachael is definitely keeping her eye on the friendly penguin!

Here we all are in their version of Disney's teacup ride!
Rachael would not turn around before the ride began for Chris to get a picture of all of us,
but he snagged one while we were in motion!

It was a busy, fun-filled week! Less than 4 months before we do it all again for Rachael's 2nd birthday!!


Scott S said...

Looks like lots of fun was had! Kinda surprised there were no "traditional" blow out the candles and open presents kinda pictures! We gotta take our crew to Sea World....maybe next year.

The Adorables! said...

You know, in the midst of all the goings-on, we totally forgot about blowing out candles! She may have done one at school with the cupcakes, I don't know! But she didn't seem to notice the absence of it -- so don't tell her! ;-)

Sonya said...

LOVE the update! Can't wait for Sophie (well, I can wait) to grow into her personality and do cute things like the girls :-)