Friday, September 12, 2008

HONK! and a Prayer Request

When I tell you I live in an apartment and I've been disturbed by honking, what would your first thought be? An obnoxious neighbor? Unruly guests? A malfunctioning car alarm?

None of the above. The honking was attributed to this guy:

Here he is with a lady friend.

And this morning, two lady friends.

Today was one of Chris' off Fridays, and Rachael enjoyed some quality time with Daddy. See the black strap across him though? That is part of a sling he has to wear for two weeks. During the softball game Tuesday night, he went to make a catch and did something to his shoulder (and hung on to the ball, naturally). It was bad enough he made an appointment with the doctor without my prompting -- that has to tell you something! He has to wear the sling for two weeks, and if there isn't significant improvement by that time, he'll have an MRI. The doctor said he may have sprained it, or it could be a hairline fracture. No matter what, he has to take it easy for about 6-8 weeks. No softball, Ultimate Frisbee or flag football. No golf. No fun for Chris, basically! So please keep him in your prayers, that he heals completely and that he does rest it, and that I can manage without his wonderful assistance around the house. After all, he does his share of cooking (okay, okay, and my share too), cleaning, and this means no rough-housing with the girls. They'll get a lot more cuddle time with him though!

This girl's a little sweetheart. We went to lunch after we picked her up from school, and as we were sitting down she gave her daddy a kiss on his hurt shoulder. He smiled and told her he wished that was all it took. Rest assured that she will be praying for him. One of the things that thrills my heart is when Grace has a boo-boo that gets better, or she was just feeling a little off and gets to feeling back to normal, she'll say, "God made me better!" She knows God can make Daddy better too -- and we ask for your prayers for that as well! Thanks!

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