Monday, September 29, 2008

A Mommy's Dream

I was finished doing dishes, and this is what I found in the living room:

Sisters coloring together, sharing the same book, content. Wow. Awesome. Not only that, but they looked up when they heard the camera beeping, and they both automatically smiled. (Rachael is saying, "Cheeeeese!")

How cool is that??


Roseann said...

Yes, but how do you get Racael to not color EVERYTHING in the house like my Ava always does ;)

Scott S said...

What I am thinking looking at these pictures is that you let your girls (well really just Rachel)have crayons on the carpet and all the coloring only goes on the coloring book and not the carpet! Crayon's are a controlled substance in our house (for Anna)...esp ones like your girls are using because they are not as "washable" as the fat ones...and even the fat ones don't come completely out of carpet...BTDT!

The Adorables! said...

I must be blessed, Rachael has only ever colored on the desk and that was when she slipped off of the paper! :-D And... If it does get on the carpet, we're renting and they're going to replace it when we leave anyway! :-D