Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Ask Grace what teams we cheer for and she will promptly respond, "Go Dolphins! Go Gators! Go Phillies!" (The Pirate vs. Bulldog debate rages on...) On Labor Day, Chick-fil-A provided us with an opportunity to showcase our fandom, giving free Chick-N-Strips to customers wearing any football team's logo.

Our Dol-Fan
This uniform was a shower gift when I was pregnant with Grace,
and Chris says it's not being passed down to ANYONE!
Thanks, Nicole, we are still loving this!

Gator Girl

One of the employees was also going around offering
stuffed cows or small footballs to the kids.
Guess which the girls wanted!

Daddy & Rachael
Daddy was slick and brought a coupon for a free IceDream,
and it was split four ways without any incident.
(And, yes, that's right, we went out and got free chicken strips and dessert
in the same place, we're skilled like that!)

Grace & Mommy

Here is Rachael eyeing THE COW! The girls get so excited when the Chick-fil-A Cow makes an appearance! Rachael couldn't make up her mind -- she would be squealing to get closer to him, and then if Chris took her near him, she'd squeal to get away! And I'm not sure if you can see it, but Rachael has a little bruise on her cheek. When I first saw it last week, I asked what happened and Chris thought it was from when she kind of plowed into our bed. I thought maybe I was kissing her squishy cheeks too hard! My mommy senses were on alert though, and over the weekend I casually brought it up to Grace, and it turns out it was the result of a skirmish between the two. *sigh* Grace owned up to it right away, though, and apologized for a second time, because she told me she'd said she was sorry to Rachael right after it was originally done!

Grace wanted to hug the Cow, but instead just took the photo op! She loves going to Chick-fil-A, but I think it's because when we go we're usually meeting friends there! We were actually surprised we didn't run into more people we knew when we were there today! Especially Auburn fans -- we can't swing a cat without hitting an Auburn alum in this area!! ;-) We're definitely more of a pro family, I think, and Grace told me today that she wanted another "Dolphin dress" since Rachael fits into hers now! I told her I was pretty sure that could be arranged -- I think her dad considers that to be a wise investment!

Since a few people have actually commented in e-mails about how long my hair looks, I had Grace take a picture from the back. She and I are going in for haircuts this week, and I have to admit I'm tempted to get it chopped (not like the Mom Cut shown at the end of the previous post), but I really would like to grow it a bit longer and donate it to Beautiful Lengths. I've got several inches to go, but I think I can hang on for a little while longer! (It's kind of flippy at the ends because I let it air dry this morning!)

And at the end of the day, right before bedtime,
the girls are still hanging out and having fun. :-)

Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!

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Sonya said...

The girls look cute! We're an UF/FSU family, so, Sophie has a Gator cheerleader outfit and a "F" is for Florida Elmo shirt ... and, a little Seminole dress (which as a Gator fan, I think is adorable). I'm all about being fair in this marriage *ha ha* but poor Sophie will be so confused :-)