Sunday, April 12, 2009

We survived Spring Break!

That was one fun week! I knew I needed to keep the girls happy and busy while Grace was out of school -- so Grace wouldn't get bored, and so Rachael wouldn't be unhappy with her sister being at home so much! :-) Thankfully, on Monday we had a playdate with friends, and then Tuesday we had...

Yep, we're all in our pajamas and, nope, we are NOT at home! I declared Tuesday to be Pajama Day, and the girls and I headed out to the mall. Yes, we went out in public in our pajamas. Thankfully a few other friends joined us -- although I was only joined by one other mom in the wearing of the pj's! Grace LOVED the idea, she thought it was great, and we really did have a blast! (The high was only 70 on Tuesday, so we were dressed warm -- Florida girls, remember!)

I really didn't make any plans for Wednesday, figuring we'd need one day of rest. I had some plans for things to do with the girls indoors that required a trip to the store, but Rachael surprised me by sleeping until close to ELEVEN A.M.! Not only did she sleep that late, but both girls ended up taking an afternoon nap. I got to go out with a friend that night as well, so I think Wednesday can be declared MOMMY DAY!

They had a couple of mornings with their grandma while I had Bible study and another morning was spent house hunting (nothing yet!), and then one afternoon before Daddy got home, we went outside with the pinwheels Grandma had gotten them. There was a great breeze, and it was much better than the girls nearly hyperventilating inside trying to get them to spin!

Friday evening we had pictures taken for the church directory, and RACHAEL SMILED! I almost wanted to buy a package just to have photographic evidence! She wasn't even holding her burp cloth, either!! On Saturday, we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens, and both girls will tell you they got a little scared during the movie. When you ask Rachael, she will hold up her hands in little fists underneath her chin, open her eyes wide and say, "It skeer me!"

And, of course, Sunday was EASTER! We had a great day at church, then we were at Nana's afterwards for food, family and fun! Here are the girls in their Easter dresses -- and Grace's was made for her by Aunt Carol! Beautiful!

Now we return to our regularly scheduled programming! :-)

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