Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's DayS

It all started last Thursday, when Gracie's class had a Mother's Day banquet in the morning! A very sweet friend let Rachael spend some time with her kiddos and I took Grace to school for the festivities -- she was so excited! We went to chapel together, and then headed back to the classroom for breakfast, which was served to the moms by their kids, and then they gave us hand massages with lotion the teachers had set out! It was precious!

On Saturday we took the girls to Sea World and just had a blast! They got to enjoy the water fun in the kids' area this time -- which was definitely needed since it was 95 degrees outside! (And it's only May!!)

Rachael playing at the smallest fountains.

Grace waited a long time for her turn with this!

Chris taking a little break! :-)

We went to church on Sunday morning and then headed over to GG's to spend the afternoon with her, Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Carol. The girls had so much fun playing with Aunt Carol, she really gave them a run for their money!

Some fun faces from Rachael!

Me and my girls on Mother's Day!

Soon enough we will be watching Grace "graduate" from VPK and start our summer activities! Grace is already excited about Vacation Bible School (she'll get to go to two this year)! I hope the girls and I will find a lot of fun things to do this summer, since in just three months Grace will be starting kindergarten and Rachael will start preschool!! I'm excited about Rachael heading to school, though, because I know she's ready for it! I stopped walking Grace to her class during the week because Rachael never wanted to leave! :-) She'll be so excited to be able to go to a class of her own!

Hope the moms among my friends and family reading this enjoyed your day!


Carrie said...

Rachael's dress NEEDS to be passed down. :) I LOVE IT.

The Adorables! said...

Consider it done. :-) That was actually Grace's dress first, and it is in excellent condition! :-)