Monday, April 6, 2009

Breaking Spring!

I guess Spring Break officially started on Saturday, so we began the time with an Easter egg hunt at church! Before you could say "Peter Cottontail," the kids had collected all the eggs, but the girls (and the rest of the kids) seemed to have a lot of fun! Of course Grace and Rachael have had a blast emptying their baskets and taking out their little treasures again... and again... and again! :-)

Gracie has been on a walking kick lately! One week I think she asked us if we could go on a walk every afternoon! She's wanted to ride her bike (which she's almost too big for!!), so while we were still enjoying some gorgeous weather, we went for a stroll around the complex and ended up at the playground.

She won't stop growing, no matter how much I beg!

Getting a push by her big sister, and loving every minute of it!

On Sunday we went to a picnic (client appreciation, woo-hoo!), and we knew as soon as we got there that we were going to have to eat fast so we could get the girls on the playground! It was a great way to start the week and a wonderful time together as a family!

A photographer from the local newspaper asked to take a couple of shots of Chris and Rachael coming down the slide -- I don't blame him, it was so cute!

Rachael all smiles with Daddy after getting most of her arm soaking wet!

And while I could not talk Rachael into a posed picture,
Grace was more than happy to help!
This is just one of many she hammed it up for!

I'm hoping to have some creative fun with the girls this week so Grace won't miss school too much! It'll give me some practice for this summer!

Also, remember our little timeline that I mentioned at the end of this post? Well, some of you suggested that perhaps it was time for us to have another kid. Instead of doing that, I thought I'd go ahead and have some surgery myself! ;-) It's not a big deal, really just a test, but I would appreciate the prayers just the same!

Hope that you're enjoying your spring, and our friends and family up north will be through with their cold weather soon enough!

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