Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is how we roll...

Or bowl.

After five days of being stuck indoors, we were ready to be anywhere other than the apartment!! We were able to find some fine family fun going bowling with Nana, Grandpa Ken and Aunt Ashley! It was Grace's first time, and she has already asked us at least 1,547 times when we can go again!

Grace was ready -- gotta love bowling shoes!

Rachael selecting the perfect ball.

One of Grace's turns -- what form!

She's pleased with her score!

Rachael didn't want to leave Ashley's side all night!

This is her reaction when Ashley had to bowl!

She could be cheering, but really what she's doing is tensing up and going, "EEEEEE!!!"
I know you probably have to be there to understand, but trust me, it's hilarious!
And if you ask her to do it, she does it over and over. Such a ham!

We went to Friendly's afterwards, where Grace concentrated on a word search.
I still can't get over this girl's eyelashes...

Rachael tried on my lipstick.
(Don't worry, she hasn't learned how to twist it up... YET!)

Grace and Aunt Ashley, so sweet!

More rolling...

We went for the first walk/ride with Grace's new helmet.


The helmet already went through its first performance test... Grace headed right on her bike and we were going left, so she tried to swivel back around. One of the training wheels went up too high and she toppled over. It was actually a pretty bad fall, but she came out of it with a very, very small scrape on her knee (that you couldn't see after her shower, but she wanted a Band-Aid nonetheless!), and we knew she bumped her chin but there wasn't anything there. BUT, the helmet's visor part was scratched up, meaning it hit the pavement. If there was ever any doubt about the necessity of a helmet for a child on a bike with training wheels, it was erased in that moment!

I had to come back to edit this post, I forgot to mention that after crying in pain, getting hugs from Mommy, Daddy and Rachael, Grace got right back up on her bike and rode the rest of the way home!

Ride safe!

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