Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay, Fay, Go Away!


This is the worst of it for us. We have some standing water on our porch, but there's no real threat of it seeping in. We've had two calls with recorded messages from the police department telling us that residents are to stay indoors, roads are unsafe for travel -- even for emergency vehicles. We lost power for maybe 20 minutes earlier today (the longest 20 minutes of Grace's life, I believe), and our internet connection was a little touch-and-go.

I have seen pictures from other friends in this area and other parts of Florida, even the type they show on the news with canoes being paddled on a residential street. What we're seeing in our little neck of the wood is NOTHING compared to what they're seeing.

Apparently school has been cancelled again tomorrow, so we'll likely have another day indoors.

All in all, though, what we're experiencing is nothing. Call us blessed (that's what we say), call us lucky -- we're thankful!

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