Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Greetings from Fay!

I love it when the weather is so newsworthy! After 2004, you'd think that the media would treat a Tropical Storm with as much interest as they would a politician being honest (get it? they never report that! ha!), but from what I see, Fay is getting a lot of press. So far it's been a lot of wind and rain, but nothing really exciting.

But look up at the top of the blog, where the girls are standing. I'll wait... That's our little pond or whatever on a good day, after several weeks of pretty consistent rain in the afternoons. Here it is today. Notice our lamp has been blown over.

I went downstairs and took a direct look at it. The light was bobbing up and down as the wind blew, and there were some huge fish swimming around in that shallow part.I don't know what to think about that light still working...

Look what I found! Even in my mad rush to get Grace to school yesterday, I did manage to take ONE picture -- I'd forgotten! And even in our mad rush, she managed to totally WORK IT! Seriously, when I saw the picture I remembered saying, "Grace, smile!" on my way to the car with Rachael on my arm and her bag over my shoulder, and in a split second Grace turned and posed. (Where the heck did she learn that?!) She is still using the same Dora backpack she had from her first day of preschool -- that thing has been through some serious spills in the past couple of years, but it's kept up well!

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