Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Splashing & Splurging!

Today I brought the camera to swim lessons, and one of the dry mommies was sweet enough to take some pictures while I was in the pool with Rachael. Thanks, Carrie! This is what Rachael looked like most of the morning!

She did still do some swimming, over and under water, but for the most part she just clung to me and cried! She felt a little safer on the step in the shallow end and starting copying me as I blowed bubbles. Except instead of blowing bubbles, she was just sticking her tongue in the water. One step at a time!

Grace was a little fish again! She's been a great listener and has enjoyed these lessons so much!

Last night was an exciting one in our household... After Rachael went to bed, Chris told Grace he was going to a couple of stores. I knew he'd received a check for his marathon umpiring session a couple of weekends ago, and I also hoped he was thinking a little about himself (for once!) and maybe was going to get a congratulatory gift after seeing that his hard work was being noticed at the office. What do you think he got?
Not that.

That would've been pretty cool -- but he wasn't quite shown that much appreciation either!

No, my husband went out and got one of these:

IT'S AWESOME! He put it together last night (even looked at all the instructions, he is my hero), and we ran it in the bedroom and our bathroom. That's how excited we were, people -- we risked waking up the girls to try it out!! This couldn't have come at a better time considering the vacuum we've had since we got married officially went ka-put on us. The proof, here is what the Dyson collected today in an area I vacuumed yesterday. If you ever watched "Everybody Loves Raymond," you'll remember the phrase, "This is what's known as 'The Wow Factor'," and I warn you, it's not for the faint of heart!

NASTY! And I'm a little worried that we might be raising little neat freaks as well. Chris' mom just came over for a quick second, and Grace wanted her to come inside and see something. I figured it was going to be the drawings she was doing on the dry erase board. Nope, she wanted Grandma to see what the Dyson had collected!

Let us know what exciting things are going on in your house -- when our big news is a Dyson, don't you think we need to live vicariously through you?? ;-)


Becky said...

Oh, I would be SOOOOO afraid to run that in my house! Nope, no visible vacuum containers in my house!
Of course, if it were Brett with that check...that is NOT what would have come home! ;)

My Own Bandwagon said...

I did the same thing. I had vacuumed
with my oreck a day before I got my Dyson. I had to dump it three timed in just my living room. Larissa borrowed mine and did the same thing. Dyson is awesome!

Carrie said...

haha! I'm jealous...

Right now I'm living vicariously through you :o)