Thursday, June 5, 2008

One fish, two fish...

Remember this? Seems we're having a repeat! Swim lessons started on Tuesday and Grace seemed to forget everything she learned over the past 3 summers!! While I was inside getting Rachael ready for her first big trip into the water, Grace was out in the pool having a mild anxiety attack! Thankfully our dear friend, Carrie, was in the water with her, and she was so incredible and stayed with her the entire time! Grace whimpered throughout, but she did everything she was supposed to nonetheless!

Rachael, on the other hand, got into the water and immediately tried to push off of me! She wasn't excited about me positioning her or trying to get her to do anything we were instructed to, but she definitely loved the water! She went under without freaking out, and when we had to bring them down from the side of the pool she did well reaching out for the wall right away -- I was impressed!

I'm sure by the end of the lessons I'll have two little fishies, one who knows how to swim again and another who knows how to handle herself when she's in the water!

Here's a couple of shots from a recent trip to the park -- because I can't seem to post without pictures!!!

I'm adding a mention of today's swim lessons -- basically read the above post, but reverse the girls! We worked with the younger kids in the water first, and Rachael was crying and hooked around me with a death grip! She did still go underwater very well though! Grace, however, got into the pool with the instructor (I told her before we left that her Aunt Carrie wasn't going to be there today) and soon shouted to me, "Mommy! I'm not scared anymore!" She did awesome! Ah, kids, so unpredictable!!

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