Monday, April 28, 2008

A New 'Do & Weekend Fun!

Grace got another hair cut recently and this time I was bold enough to let Kathy take it a little shorter! I consider it Grace's summer cut, and she loves it! I was trying to get a couple of pictures of her the first day she had it, but she was being a bit pouty, as you can clearly see in the picture! Shortly after the picture was taken, Grace headed back upstairs and Rachael decided to try and follow her. She made it all the way up the stairs on her own!

Chris' company had a Family Day on Saturday, and we all managed to make it out -- we've all had a touch of this plague that has been going around and my Super Mom capabilities did not keep me from getting a taste of it this time! I opted for fresh air and sunshine and it seemed to do us all good! I think Rachael is starting to copy Grace's smile -- notice the similarities?

While we were waiting on Chris (who turns 30 on the 16th of May!) to play in his softball game (managers vs. employees), Rachael was running her little legs off! What a blessing for this little one to find such contentment just by running around, enjoying her surroundings!

Here are the girls showing off the precious dresses that their Grandma got for them:

And finally, Grace and I went to the art festival and experienced their KidsWorld for the first time! She made a TON of stuff -- next year I'll remember to bring a bag for all of the creations! Her first order of business was getting her face painted. That was very interesting considering every other event we've gone to where face painting was available, Grace was dead set against it. This year, before we even got to the booth she was intent on finding it, and she even knew she wanted a butterfly -- before she even saw the options! Didn't they do a great job?
Grace and her friend, Faith, waited patiently in line for the pottery wheel, and while they were waiting they stepped around to watch what was going on. By the time it was their turn, they knew just what to do and they each made perfect little bowls! Look at the little artist at work!

A little fun goes a long way! We're beat! Let us know what your family has been up to!


Sonya said...

CUTE! Love the new 'do :-) And yes, looks like Rachael is following in her big sister's smiley ways!

Karrie said...

What a fun weekend!! Great pictures too.

katee0921 said...

I love the new hair do!

Next time you're going to the art festival you'll have to let us know, that sounds like an absolute blast and I'm sure Michaela would love it!

Scott S said...

Great update! Great Pictures!