Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I can do it myself!

Lately Miss Rachael has been showing her independent side. There are many things she'd like to do all by herself, but slowly she's learning that she might still need some help. First, she would like to be a professional couch climber. Only problem is her adorable chubby legs are too short to get the right boost to come up. However:

Yep, that would be Rachael on the couch -- holding a working remote. (She knows which ones they are!) So how did she wind up on the couch? She had an accomplice:
That was a workout!

Grace decided to start singing, and here's Rachael saying, "Praise the Lord!"

Grace hasn't been as accomodating when I've had the camera out. She wants to be taking the pictures a lot of the time, so she gets frustrated when I tell her I want her to be in them first. When that happens, her idea of smiling for the camera often is this:

Other times though, my persistence pays off and I get one of these:

Today after we ate lunch, Rachael indicated that she was still hungry. (She does her sign for "more" when she's hungry at all, not just when she's already had something to eat.) I decided to treat her to some yogurt. When I started to feed her, she reached for the spoon and kept grabbing at it. When it became obvious that she was more interested in trying to feed herself than actually eating, I mentally prepared myself for the mess that was about to be made, and then I obliged. I also got the camera for these reasons:

"What? Too much?"

She is actually saying, "Cheese!" Except for her it's just, "Eeeeeee!"

And this one was too cute, and I thought Sarah and Sonya would like it -- not just a straight shot! ;-)


Carrie said...

so precious!!! I love it!

Sonya said...

GOOD GIRL! Keep those funky angles coming ;-) BTW, the wedding photos are alllllmost perfected. Been too busy editing other people's photos instead of my own *ha ha*