Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rachael Time

Rachael woke up a little early from her nap and I couldn't resist taking some pictures of her while we played. She's happiest when she's mobile these days! After a little bit, it got more difficult to get any pictures of her because she wouldn't stop crawling towards me to try to get her hands on the camera! She's going to keep us busy!!

This is how it started, with both of us playing on the floor...

You can see the curl above her right ear, she's got them behind her left ear as well. Perhaps a curly-locks?

She was on her way towards me here...

And here she is, going for the camera!

This is my favorite (for today)!

1 comment:

forevermoore said...

She looks too cute! I, too, have a camera thief - only now, she let's me take one and then has to see it immediately. our girls are too much fun!