Sunday, September 16, 2007

Papa's Birthday

The girls' Papa's (Vanessa's dad's) birthday was Saturday (Grace's is actually Monday), so the three girls managed to make it to a pancake breakfast early (for Mommy) Saturday morning to see Papa and wish him a Happy Birthday! The breakfast was at a small local airport, and Grace was really interested in all the airplanes and she got a kick out of the powered paragliders too! (Mommy thought it looked like fun!) Papa had a treat in store for her -- one of his friends had his own plane and he took us to the hangar and Grace got to sit inside of it! She's been talking about it all weekend!

Papa explained a lot about airplanes to Grace that day!

Grace in the pilot's seat!

Grace wouldn't wear the headset, but Papa would!

Rachael seemed to have a good time also!

Grace poses with Papa on his motorcycle -- which she kept asking and asking to see at the end of our visit! So far she just likes sitting in airplanes and on motorcycles, let's hope she doesn't want to go for rides too soon!

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