Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pump It Up!

Even though Grace's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, she had her BIG birthday bash yesterday at Pump It Up, and indoor play area with inflatable slides and bounce houses. The party was for her and her buddy, Noah, her friend from Sunday school and preschool -- they've been together in Sunday school since they were babies! The party was a BLAST! There were nearly 20 preschoolers running around, along with their parents, and everyone had a great time! Grace played so hard that she asked to take a nap when she got home! That ought to tell you something!! It was FUN!!

Oh, and some of you already heard about the great boxing match that took place -- we may have pictures of that later... Chris and I got in one of the inflatable bounce houses and "duked it out" with the huge boxing gloves they had there! It was quite a sight! But two couples followed after us, and we've all decided that it makes for great marriage counseling! ;-)

Here are a few pictures from the day...

Grace & Noah - Birthday Buddies!

The cake! Noah's mommy got this from Sam's -- a sheet cake with their picture on it! So cute!

Grace "sticks the landing" after coming down the slide!

We couldn't believe it, but Rachael fell asleep just like this!

After this, Chris put her in the stroller and she slept through the rest of the playtime!

Princess Grace -- she and Noah each got their own inflatable throne!

It was such a fun day! Hey, Lori -- thanks for inviting us to yours so we were able to find out what it was all about! :-)

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