Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lovin' Summer

Swim lessons finished up the first week of July, but here are some pictures from the last lessons that I love:

Grace and Rachael, poolside.
Faith and Grace, cutest friends!
Rachael gives Miss Annamarie "smooches"
(especially nice since she cried during most of the lessons!)

My OWN proud moment!
Being able to swim across the pool, keeping Rachael's head (and mine) above water!

Last week we braved the hot, sticky weather and ventured to the zoo with some friends! Thankfully, not all that long ago our zoo improved their just-for-kids area, so now there's a place for the kids to cool off and splash around. I'm told that there's also a play area and a petting zoo, but we've never made it past the water! Once the girls get there, we're done!

This week Grace has been enjoying VBS at the church where her VPK was, so she's been able to spend some time with kids from her class and of course loves that! I have been SO blessed because during this time, Rachael has had playdates so I can PACK!!! Everything is still looking good for a closing at the end of the month! The home inspection went very well -- one thing that was found turned out to be a precaution that was taken by the owner to prevent damage, and another issue was resolved the day the owner was notified of it! And it was even a minor thing that Chris was willing to fix himself!

We were at the house for the home inspection, and I just couldn't help myself...

Hugs for the beautiful refrigerator!
Maybe I can do some before-and-after shots once we're moved in! I took some pictures when we walked through, but I don't think I was able to get the right angles and everything. We'll see! It's so exciting though!! Nearly 7 years in the making, and God clearly had a plan!

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