Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just keep swimming!

There was one week between VBS ending and our swim lessons beginning! We kept busy during those few days by having friends over so their moms could get to appointments, and I even managed to survive a couple of days with my personal worst nightmare: PLAY-DOH! As much as kids love Play-Doh, I fear it! The texture, the smell, everything! I wash my hands everytime I touch it! But Rachael had never played with it before, and I wanted to give them something fun and creative to do, so out it came. (As did the wax paper to put over the dining room table.) Amazingly, there was hardly any on the floor, and none of it went in anybody's mouth. Even when Rachael's idea of playing with it turned into this:

Swim lessons began, and Grace is still a little fish! She has some technical issues to work on (blowing bubbles while she's under water, mostly), and Rachael... Well, Rachael has to work on not screaming, crying and basically having the biggest fits EVER during lessons. She's happy as a clam when she can play on her own in the shallow part, but the minute we bring her in further to actually learn something, she goes nuts! And it's not that she's scared -- she just doesn't have control, and she hates that! (Oh, how I look forward to the teenage years!)

Here is Grace under the water (she's pretty fast!), and then Rachael, who's pouting. She wasn't allowed to play with some of the toys until she tried to blow some bubbles, or at least kick from the side of the pool. She managed to kick a few times in order to play!

Aren't these towels adorable? The girls got them for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa and I waited until now to break them out! They love them! Grace's is The Little Mermaid, and Rachael is obviously a princess! ;-)

We have two lessons left, then another week that we've already got some activities planned, and then Grace will go to another VBS, followed by a dance camp! That's going to be a good little practice for school (for both of us!), because she'll be there from about 9:30 am - 3:30 pm!

I can't believe how fast the summer has gone by already, and how much we've actually had going on! It's been so much fun, and I've really enjoyed my time with the girls! I know we still have a little over a month left, but I honestly thought I would be longing for August to come around and that's definitely not the case! I'm so excited for them to start school, but I think I'm going to miss them a little more after this summer!

Oh, and one more thing... Grace and Rachael aren't the only ones keeping busy this summer! We ask that you keep praying for us as we prepare for...

Our move into OUR NEW HOME!!! Our closing date is set for July 31st, and we are definitely asking for prayers that as we come to the end of this process everything will go smoothly! Including packing!!

Thanks to those of you that have been praying as we've been looking -- it's been a learning and growing experience, and I wouldn't trade any of it! Well, I'd probably go back to fix my attitude in the beginning, but otherwise I wouldn't change a thing! ;-) Thank you so much for lifting us up, we have felt your prayers!

Obviously there will be more to come! We'll keep you posted!

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Scott S said...

Those ARE cute towels. And that is a LONG VBS!