Monday, January 12, 2009


It was almost two years ago that I was curling up on the bed, on the couch, on the floor, telling myself that I was just overreacting and it was yet another false alarm. After about two hours of it not letting up, I figured we might want to just go ahead and get to the hospital. I also wondered how strong my resolve to not have any pain meds would be when I got there. It ended up that Rachael answered that question for me -- I was 8 cm when they checked me, and Rachael was well on her way out! After maybe 20 minutes of pushing, there she was!

God uses children in wonderful ways. Grace showed me many, many things I had to work on! God used Rachael to show me how to rely on Him through trials. As she seemed to have one something after another, I always felt a peace knowing that He was in control. Even as heartbreaking as watching her struggle with different things has been, there's been that peace that passes understanding, knowing that He has a reason for everything.

Rachael is our little comedienne. If she does something to entertain and gets a positive reaction, she will do it again and again, loving the spotlight! I think she's going to be my buddy when she's old enough to ride roller coasters -- she seems to have no fear! She is very particular about the things that she wants and doesn't want. She is independent in many ways, but still shows us that she needs us by giving the childcare workers grief when we leave her on Sunday mornings!

She has the best smile -- one friend said very early on that Rachael just looked mischievous, and that about sums her up! It's adorable when she walks out of a room and casts a glance over her shoulder back at us, giving us a sly smile and a look that says, "Don't you wish you knew what I was up to?"

Grace seemed to come out a toddler, walking and talking early, seeming like a miniature adult before we could blink our eyes! Rachael has been our baby girl, but even still, she's growing up so fast! But just like her sister, the older she gets, the more fun it is! Watching her little personality grow is exciting -- even when it just seems to be getting stronger as each day goes by!!

Right now my favorite thing has to be when she offers us 'mooches -- smooches! She picked up that word from Daddy and it is so precious when she offers them to us! Almost as good as her 'ugs!

So Happy Birthday to our Rachael tomorrow! There will be a slideshow up soon, a picture for each month -- it's amazing how she has changed!

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