Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Days!

Rachael had family, pizza and cake at her birthday festivities -- what more can a 2-year-old ask for? We had one happy birthday girl! She scored some fun presents, and Papa even brought along a few for both girls, including one that I especially cannot wait to see them use! It'll have to be when they have a couple of friends over, though. They can use their new dress up clothes and either walk the runway or be rock stars -- and with how the girls have been dancing to the clock radio I put in their room, they might opt for that!

When I went in to get the girls ready on Rachael's birthday, I reminded Grace what day it was. She asked excitedly, "Can she say the ABCs now? Will we be able to understand her better?"

And actually, just today I realized how much clearer Rachael has become! She went in for her checkup today and when the nurse asked if she was saying at least 50 words, I was stumped -- am I really supposed to be counting?? Anyway, the nurse remarked that she knew what Rachael was saying when she talked. I have known what she is saying, but I figured it was because I'm around her the most! Good to know that it's clear enough for the general public (including our babysitter, who mentioned it when we got home)! She was especially coherent during her check up, even while she was screaming! And she didn't even get any shots!

Since she had such a rough time, I took her to a park before we had to go get Grace. I know all of you north of me are going to roll your eyes, but IT WAS COLD! I knew it was time to go when her nose was bright red! She had a blast though!

Now to get all philosophical (or something)... While we were at the playground, I was having so much fun with Rachael and for a moment I wished I'd brought my camera with me. Then I thought about a blog post I just read (click here). I relaxed and just watched her fearlessly tackle the slide on the bigger playground and thought about other times I was with the girls and I didn't have my camera -- and I didn't need a picture to remember. Like the time I took Grace shopping with me and we had so much fun together -- even in one store, when I was looking at purses, she would take the smaller ones and throw them over her shoulder. I'd hear, "Mommy, look!" and there she would be, strutting down the aisle with some crazy handbag at her side. I smile every time I think about that, even without photographic evidence! :-)

The post also talked about handing over the camera to actually be in the pictures. I hope that more moms (and shutterbug dads as well) will do that -- one day their kids are going to want pictures of their parents, they're going to want pictures of themselves with their parents. So thank you, Kim (and I guess John Mayer), for those thoughts!

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Insanity Kim said...

Awwww, if I can inspire just one person it is worth it!!

I am proud of you! Embrace the experiences! :)