Thursday, December 11, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Preschoolers...

Grace wanted to watch Cinderella yesterday during Rachael's naptime. She put it in and as Cinderella was waking up at the beginning of the movie, Grace asked me if Cinderella was a princess.

ME: Not yet, she and the pince aren't married yet. You have to marry a prince to be a princess.

GRACE: You're a princess.

ME: (smiling) No, honey. I'm not a princess.

GRACE: (matter-of-factly) Yes, you are. You married a prince.

What could I say to that? She's right!

And I had my very first official parent-teacher conference today! (Never mind that it had been originally scheduled for Monday, but I had it in my head that it was Tuesday and I missed it altogether and had to reschedule it for today, with both girls in tow. Never mind that...) Anyway, real conference, "report card" and everything! No surprise, Grace is doing so well! Her teacher raved about her! She said she was the only one in the class who could count to 100, she is a great listener (hmmm, should've asked the teacher what her trick is), and the teacher said she's absolutely ready for kindergarten! She really, really had so many positive things to say about our girl. She even said the word "advanced" so hopefully we can keep encouraging her at home as well!

We were in a 2-year-old classroom for the meeting, and Grace and Rachael were keeping themselves entertained playing with the toys. (Note: after playing with a dollhouse set, Grace and Rachael both cleaned up all the parts and put everything away before moving on to something else!) Watching Rachael reminded me that in 8 months, she will be starting preschool! I know that sounds like a long time, but anyone with kids can probably agree that it'll be here before I know it!

See those precious pictures? We had the opportunity do another family photo shoot with Sonya Coates Colangelo the day after Thanksgiving! This shoot included six adults, two teenagers, and four girls -- 5, 3, 22 months and 6 months! Sonya did an amazing job, you can see some more from that shoot here, but I'll leave you with my absolute favorite:

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Katrina Marie said...

The teacher's trick is that she's not the mommy! I'm always amazed to hear what a good girl Savannah is in her Sunday School class.