Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chris' Surgery

Chris had his surgery today, and it went very well! The doctor took a great deal of time explaining what had happened, but I think that the bottom line was this:

-- There were two small tears, one was a SLAP tear, but it was not major.
-- Cartlidge had broken off when he injured it, and it was loose and moving in his shoulder, causing pain.
-- He only has to be in the sling for about a week.
-- Two-three months before he's released for all normal activity.

We most definitely felt the prayers today! I was not as anxious as I have been before his other surgeries, and he came out of the anesthesia so much better this time!

I even had some fun, kind of at Chris' expense. :-) When he was given a sedative before they administered the nerve block, Chris was definitely a bit on the high side! When I was able to be with him right before they took him into surgery, he was asking the nurses if he could have a menu. One walked past him without looking at him, and he waved his index finger with the heart monitor and slurred, "She's ignoring me. I'm disappointed. That will be reflected in her tip!" I had tears in my eyes from giggling!

Again, thank you for the prayers!


Beau and Kellie said...

Good I'm glad everything went great its going to be hard on him with no sports though.He needs to heal though

Katrina Marie said...

I'm still laughing about his tip comment. Too funny. I love sedated funnies! :-D