Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Field Trip & The Phillies Fan

On Wednesday Grace went on her first field trip! The class met at a local fire department for a tour, then a picnic and playtime! I was a little bummed that I couldn't be a chaperone this time around, but things actually worked out pretty well! While Grace saw the station, heard the siren, and watched the hose blast some water, Rachael and I spent the morning at the playground that was right next door! Then Grace's class came over for their lunch, and after that we played some more. (Did I just rhyme?) The teacher's assistant told me that Grace was hesitant to get on the fire truck, but she went on with the assistant so she didn't miss out. She also didn't like the loud noises. That came as no surprise -- this past summer at VBS, she told me she didn't like noise and she didn't like crowds. Public school is going to come as a shock to her, huh?

Rachael is definitely her Daddy's Girl when it comes to sports! She gets excited when she sees a game on TV -- football or baseball. She even likes sitting in Chris' lap when he's watching a gamecast online! I didn't know just how important these games were to her until Monday night. We'd put her to bed and I got on the phone with one of my friends. A little bit after that, Miss Rachael started fussing in her room. We could tell she wasn't going to settle down, so Chris went in and got her. He brought her out and she just carried on -- nothing would satisfy her. She didn't want me to hold her, she didn't want anything to drink, she just kept pointing at the TV saying, "Baaaa!!" The second that the game came back on, she was silent!! My friend said, "She did not just settle down for the game." But she had! That gives Chris a little leverage when he wants to watch some ESPN! (Updated to add: GO PHILLIES!!! Rachael will be able to watch a little longer!!)

And once again, the girls did a little more heart-melting. Grace was swinging at the playground and Rachael trotted over to the little bucket swings. I put her in and Grace immediately said, "I want to push her!" So she did. Grace tickled Rachael, Rachael laughed her little head off. They have their moments of "typical" sister behavior, sure, but more often than not they are so sweet to one another! Love it!

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