Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Grace's Famous Hair

As most of you know, Grace was born with a full head of hair (the first picture is from when she was 1 month old) and we have just let it grow and grow. She has bangs and we've gotten the back trimmed fairly regularly, but you have seen in recent pictures where she's at now.

She has the typical complaints when we brush it, but for the most part she's wonderful when we do her hair. She doesn't mind it being put up in a ponytail for school, she's actually asked for "piggy tail braids" for church and school, and she's even been still enough to let me practice a French braid! Her hair is silky, shiny -- just beautiful!

A while ago when I went to get a haircut, I think it was in December, Grace said that she wanted her hair "as short as Mommy's." (Mine reaches just under my collar bone now.) We kind of dismissed it since she was in the salon with me at the time and figured it was just a passing thing. Well, fast forward to now and she's said a few times that she wants it cut. *sigh* I'm not going to be one of those moms that refuses to do that, especially if she's asking, but we definitely wanted to make sure she understood 100% that it was *not* going to grow back right away. We even asked her why she wanted it cut. She said it was getting too close to the potty when she went to the bathroom. Yikes. That's a practical reason if I ever heard one! Her Nana asked her today where she wanted her hair cut to, and Grace immediately slid her fingers across her collar bone. Impressive -- the girl really does know what she wants! Chris has actually thought she'd look cute with shorter hair for a while now, I think especially after we looked through her younger pictures around her 4th birthday. Maybe she'll look younger and I'll feel like I have a preschooler again instead of a miniature pre-teen! ;-)

I was looking into Locks of Love because I thought that would be really awesome if we could donate her hair. Even as long as it is, if we cut 10 inches off it would be up to the nape of her neck. Too short! So I guess we're just going to make the appointment and maybe I'll just save the hair for my own memories. What will be kind of interesting is that the woman who I hope to have cut her hair has cut mine and my mom's for years -- she'll have done 3 generations. :-) That's something kind of unique I think!

Stay tuned for further developments...

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Katrina Marie said...

She cut my hair too! I even went back to her while I was down there visiting. I still have yet to find someone here I trust that much. And I'm in need of another trim.

I will be sad to see Grace's hair go. She's got such GORGEOUS hair. Savannah's is getting longer and fuller, and I weep for the day we have to get it cut. The bangs I can handle, especially since we do them ourselves, but the rest of it is going to hurt!