Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Rachael Report!

This kid has been busy! Not only is she sprouting teeth, but she decided to hit several milestones at once! Just in the past week or two, we have heard her calling "Mama-mama-mama!" if she's on her way to Vanessa, and "Dada-dada-dada!" if she's on her way to Chris. That is good enough for us -- we're officially marking those as her first words!

She's also started clapping, and she'll even give us a "high five" if we ask for it -- Grace thinks that is great, she loves it when Rachael smacks her hand! There have also been a couple of times when Mommy's gotten a big, sloppy baby mouth on her face when she requests kisses!

And, the biggest news, we've got a walker! Several times she has taken tentative but completely unassisted steps! The poor thing is usually wearing pants that are too long for her, so she doesn't get far before those get in her way -- we're working on that! Her big motivation is FOOD! Boy oh boy, if we're eating something and she thinks she wants a bite (which is most of the time), nothing will get in her way!

In one month this little kiddo will be a year old -- where has the time gone??

Here's a picture Papa took of the girls after Grace's Christmas choir performance -- don't they look like good buddies?

Let me hear the, "Awwww!"

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The McNeils said...

The picture in the swing is perfect. That is one for the senior slideshow in 17 years!