Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving (a little late)!

Well, Thanksgiving came and went, and I began to panic! I didn't take any pictures!! Rachael's first Thanksgiving and I had nothing to show for it! Thankfully, my nephew, Blake, took several pictures and was kind enough to share them with me! Thank you so much, Blake!

We had a great time visiting with my sister and her family while they were here, celebrating not only Thanksgiving but my niece, Savannah's, 2nd birthday!

On Savannah's birthday, the whole gang went to the zoo. It was the best time I've had at the zoo in a while because we had a full day and got to see everything we wanted to -- without splinters!! :-)

Uncle Jerry was sweet enough to get crackers so Grace could feed the giraffe, and helped her reach!

Here's Rachael doing her giraffe impersonation!
This isn't the sharpest picture, but it shows all the girls!! That's me pushing Rachael with Katrina (carrying my new niece or nephew in her tummy) next to me, and that's our "new" sister, Ashley, up front with her little nieces tagging along with her. GIRL POWER!

Here are Savannah and Grace taking a look at a book in Nana's kitchen.

It's hard to get preschoolers to smile on cue, especially on national holidays! But they had a lot of fun together!

This is Rachael on Thanksgiving Day! Playing with the beads, every kid's favorite thing!

Thanksgiving was full of good food and great visits, and well-behaved children! What a blessing! Hope everyone else enjoyed theirs as well!

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Katrina said...

GIRL POWER - ACTIVATE! :-D If I have a boy, what are we going to do?!?!

Thanks for adding the note in there about me. Wouldn't want people to think I normally wear overalls and have pudgy belly. :-D Even though the belly part was true UNTIL I got pregnant. YAY HYPEREMESIS! Best diet ever. :-P