Friday, November 9, 2007

Hair-Raising Adventures

I can't take this family anywhere without someone getting injured! ;-) We took the girls to the zoo last weekend, and right before we went into the vulture exhibit, Grace started crying that her finger hurt. *sigh* Sure enough, she'd gotten a teeny tiny little splinter in it! Chris tried to get it out, but after Grace terrified numerous other zoo visitors with her shrieking, we decided it might be best to go to their First Aid station. Guess what -- they don't have one! The woman in the office got Chris a splinter kit and the drama intensified. Rachael watched with great interest as I sat Grace on my lap to hold her still while Chris worked the teeniest, tiniest splinter out of her finger. You would have thought he was taking her finger OFF with how she carried on! (She comes by that honestly, stories of my reactions to shots at the doctor's office are legendary.) Anyhow, the splinter was removed and the kind employees at the zoo gave Grace water in a Dora cup, a page of Little Mermaid tattoos (two of which I had to wear on my ankle to convince her that they wouldn't hurt), a Band Aid (essential, you know, no matter what the injury), and a Curious George doll. That was actually another reason I wanted to go to somewhere more "official" for the extraction process -- I knew they would spoil her and that might offer her some comfort!

We had a great time at the zoo, the weather was gorgeous! Grace got to feed the giraffe (you can see him here clearly enjoying his snack), and I had to take a picture of this alligator because he really creeped Grace and I out with his toothy grin! He just sat there like that for the longest time, completely still, showing his teeth! Maybe alligators do that all the time, I don't know!

Now, Miss Rachael has been providing us with much entertainment because of her hair! It's been curling and flipping all over the place, but mainly we've been calling her "Spike" or "Mohawk" because of the curls at the very tippy top of her head! As you can see, she's got a little Alfalfa thing going on! Yes, it's really adorable, but if she's not in head-to-toe pink, her hairdo has her mistaken for a baby boy sometimes! You moms know how frustrating that can be, but thankfully we may have a solution! I found out about these adorable hair clips, and I have seen pictures of babies with less hair than Rachael wearing them! We ordered a set for her and I can't wait to try them out -- and you can bet I'll show off some pictures!

Rachael has been showing more and more personality lately! She offers big ol' gummy grins when people talk to her, and she'll wave hello and good-bye as well! That gummy grin may be soon be a thing of the past, we are pretty sure we see some pearly whites ready to poke their way through! As if that wasn't enough, the girl loves to cruise and she now manages to play with whatever is fascinating her at the moment while standing up. I cannot believe that in two months we will be celebrating her 1st birthday! Where has the time gone?!

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