Thursday, August 2, 2007

Grace The Fish

As I mentioned before, Grace had swimming lessons this month. She started out wailing every time she was supposed to go under -- I think the first day we were there she didn't stop crying for the entire time we were there! Fast forward to this week, and we have a full-fledged swimmer on our hands! Not only does she go under voluntarily, she swims across the pool on her own, she is excited about jumping in! It's amazing! She had two wonderful teachers in her Grandma (Chris' mom) and the instructor that we've been going to for the last few years. Here are a couple of pictures of Grace's adventures...

Grace asked me to take a picture of her going under -- she was so happy to show off!

Here she is, REALLY swimming!

And Grace takes the plunge! She was eagerly waiting her turn to jump in -- when I was at the first lessons with her, she was begging to not have to do these things!

And I want to add some very special thanks to Chris' mom, the girls' Grandma, for the amazing help she has been this summer for me! She was especially wonderful to take care of Rachael for me while I worked at VBS, and then she took Grace to swim lessons! Interestingly enough, Grace made the most advancements after Grandma started going with her -- coincidence?? Here's Grandma with Rachael -- Rachael was not impressed with the heat and humidity while waiting on her big sister to finish splashing around!

Chris and I are so blessed to have all of our parents nearby, they are always willing to help, and we are so glad that our girls are going to have special relationships with all of their grandparents! We love you all!

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Katrina said...

The swim teacher reminds me of Mrs. Coker, our PE teacher from Meadowlane.