Thursday, July 26, 2007

What the girls are up to...

Grace and Rachael enjoyed themselves at Vanessa's mom's wedding, they (and their cousin, Savannah) were so well-behaved! Even when Chris and Jerry (Vanessa's brother-in-law) had to clean everything up, Grace entertained herself by running through the tables ("the path") because a snake was chasing her. Then she'd tell us that her pets were lost in the woods, and she'd spend a good bit of time finding them and putting them where they belonged. She kept herself busy the entire time! Thank God for her active imagination!!

Rachael is now eating baby food, and loving every minute of it! We hope to get some pictures of it soon, but she doesn't do those funny faces for long, she's quick to get used to the taste and then she wants more and more! When Chris fed her, she was taking hold of his hand and pulling the spoon toward her mouth!

Grace started swim lessons earlier this month, and originally Vanessa was taking her and saw poor little Grace screaming and crying for the first two lessons. Then, a total blessing -- Chris' mom volunteered to take Grace to the lessons so Vanessa could stay home, and let Rachael have her nap. Since then, Grace has become a little fish! Vanessa met Grandma (Chris' mom) at the pool today, and Grace was going under water voluntarily and swimming by herself! It was so great to see! We hope to have pictures of that up as well!

Where does the time go?? Here's a look at Grace at 6 months, and Rachael now at the same age!


Ashley said...

Oh wow Grace and Racheal look NOTHING alike! maybe their noses tho =]]

Eric said...

They are some cuties! Wonder where they get it from? Haha, just messin.