Monday, July 9, 2007

Impatience at 6 Months

We may be going this weekend to get "real" pictures done for Rachael since she'll be 6 months this Friday, but today I had them in little matching outfits and just couldn't resist snapping a few photos -- what's even better, they cooperated! Grace has been quite the ham when I've had the camera out, and I'm finally getting something other than the surprised look out of Rachael! Enjoy!

I love these girls!!! Oh, and some of you have said you've tried to comment but were unable to, I think I figured that out now... Try it, and if you still can't, just send me an e-mail!


Jerry Beckham said...

that last picture of Rachael makes me smile. She is just so cute. - Jerry

Amanda said...

Your girls are adorable. Happy to see you entered the blogging world!

Sandy said...

Methinks Grace should do modeling, and LOVE the picture of Rachael - she looks SO precious!