Saturday, June 30, 2007

How could I forget?!?

Many thanks to the Stantons for reminding me to post about our first "baby," our furbaby, Snickers!

Snickers was around before Grace, but not for long before Grace came, so she was used to babies before Rachael came along. Rachael's arrival hasn't phased her much, but now that Rachael is at her level a lot more often, she's getting bolder and coming around to check her out more frequently. I'm always close by to make sure Snickers isn't going to give Rachael any kisses, or that Rachael won't get a fistful of Snickers' fur -- however, Snickers has had that happen to her when I babysat and never made a peep, that is one patient dog! She used to be described as a "rat on crack" but she's generally more subdued than that nowadays! Unless she's getting excited over people coming over, especially those she knows are "dog people." She's definitely still "Daddy's Little Girl," but she'll head over to Mommy once in a while for some TLC.

We love you, Snickers!!

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