Friday, May 14, 2010

Easter, Mother's Day & Summer, OH MY!

It's been over a month!!  So... what has happened?

I ran another 5K!
My actual time was under 36 minutes, so I did better than the Disney one back in March.  This one was over a bridge and back for part of it, too, so that has to count for something!!

Here are the girls on Easter Sunday --
Grace was able to wear the same beautiful dress as last year,
made for her by Chris' Aunt Carol!

Gracie loves our hibiscus trees and wanted her picture in front of one that morning!

Here's Rachael, "goin' shoppin'" with her baby!

The highlight of April was a visit from
Aunt Kiki, Uncle Jerry, Blake, Savannah & Veronica!

Grace & Savannah on our playdate with them!

Rachael & Veronica were sharing a banana.

Grace's kindergarten class had a Mother's Day Tea last week.  The moms waited outside the classroom, and one by one the children came out and presented his or her mommy with a flower and escorted her inside.  It was so sweet!  It was a good thing there were tissue boxes at each table, because they were definitely pulling out all the emotional stops!  After they serenaded us, the teacher read a couple of heartwarming stories, and then we were served snacks by our little hosts and hostesses!

Rachael had her last week of preschool, and we were wondering how she was going to do at the program they had, considering she'd cried through most of the Christmas one!  She had a rough start coming to her classroom and I thought we were in trouble, but once she got up on stage, she was fine!  Yay!  She sang, she smiled, she did hand motions, she tapped sticks -- she was great!  We were very proud of her!  I don't know if she understands that preschool is over for a little bit, but hopefully I'll be able to keep her entertained!

Gracie has one more week of school left!  We're already looking forward to Vacation Bible School and some playdates with friends throughout the time off!  I learned last year that summer "vacation" is kind of misleading -- it's going to be work to keep these girls busy while they're out of school!  I'm really blessed because both girls are really amazing at finding things to keep busy, and they (usually) play very well together too!

Hope our family and friends reading this are doing well!  We're hoping that we might get to see some of Chris' family in Connecticut this summer -- keep your fingers crossed!


Leslie said...

Wow! The whole family on a trip to Connecticut?! That would be quite a trip!

Sonya said...

Congrats, Vanessa! And the girls...ahhh, so, so sweet! I can't believe how grown up Grace looks in the one picture (striped dress). Enjoy the summer :-)