Wednesday, June 3, 2009

End of the Year - Beginning of Summer!

Grace's last week of school brought us...

Water Day!

A little bit of (cute) attitude!
Rachael's first haircut with Kathy!
Pajama Day! (Nope, I didn't join her!)
And, of course, Graduation Day!
The girls got to go to the pool with their babysitter on Friday, a birthday party for a friend of Grace's at a community pool on Saturday, and then Sunday night was Grace's end-of-the year program at church! She sang every word to every song, she has come so far!

Today was a big day for us -- it was the girls' first real trip to the beach! Yep, you read that right -- born and raised in Florida and, at 5 and 2, today was their first time to really have a beach day! Grace went when she was 2, but it was in December and it was only so her Uncle Jerry could take some great pictures of her. The girls had a BLAST! Surprisingly, Grace was a lot braver than Rachael, bounding into the water with her buddy, Faith! Rachael wanted to hang back at first. After a while she realized it wasn't so bad and let me and Faith's mom bring her further into the water, with us helping her jump when the little waves broke!

Splishing and splashing!!
Rachael heads towards the water -- you can see the hesitancy!

Hope your summer is off to a great start too!

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