Monday, May 19, 2008

My Husband Rocks!

Well, it was Chris' birthday this weekend but I'm the one that got the gifts today -- a couple of belated Mother's Day presents arrived! I heard about this website (I think from Katrina), From*me Tees, and I told many people about these great t-shirts and soon enough saw four friends wearing their own, and heard of another friend who'd received one as a gift. I was getting antsy for my own and I may have e-mailed the link to the site to Chris at least half a dozen times as a not-so-subtle hint!

He had some trouble figuring out the sizes (ladies' cut? junior cut? what's a guy to think?), so after figuring out what I would wear he went ahead and placed the order, so I will finally be proudly declaring my love and devotion to my absolutely amazing husband on these t-shirts:

Thank you, Chris!

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Leslie said...

Glad you finally got your tee. :)