Friday, March 7, 2008

Cookies & Chickies

Over the past month or so, Rachael has had some tummy issues. For those of you that are familiar with what I'm talking about, they seem to be resolving themselves -- thank you for your prayers! If you aren't sure what I'm talking about, let's just say the end result is a mommy who does a happy dance over a poopy diaper, and any further discussion would only include talk about consistency and frequency.

Anyway, the girls' Nana made some oatmeal raisin cookies, and Rachael was treated to them a few times at home because of their ingredients. In the first picture, she doesn't seem to be thrilled that I decided to turn into Mamarazzi right then, but she got over that quickly and decided to get down to business!

What a look!

Yummy! Thank you, Nana!

Aunt Lisa and Uncle Darryl, we finally got around to exchanging the Veggie Tales DVD. Grace originally wanted to find the "Bad Apple" DVD, but they didn't have it at our Family Christian Store. Grace looked at all the titles and the pictures on the cases and ultimately decided on "An Easter Carol" -- fitting, huh? Well, it was on sale so we still had some remaining funds, so I picked out an Easter book for the girls. There was STILL a little bit remaining and I was told I could find something for around $5 or get store credit. Well, Grace had been looking around and of course found some plush animals (located conveniently near the registers). They were $5, so I told her to pick one out. She did, and has taken her pick with her everywhere! She even brought it to school in the "Me Bag" that they use for show and tell. She's asked to watch "An Easter Carol" a few times already, and that's okay because I like it too! :-) Here is a picture of Grace with her "Chickie" that she loves so much...

Thanks, Aunt Lisa & Uncle Darryl! I love my chick!


Katrina Marie said...

Wait, OUR Mom made cookies?! What, did the world come to an end?! And how fair is that? We don't get to enjoy Mom's cookie baking. Color me sad. :(

Lostcheerio said...

Wow, it's been so long since we watched any Veggie Tales -- we had them on video! Hehehe. Benny used to love them but something about their eyeballs gave Sadie the willies, so we gave away all our VHS and now we are Veggie-Tale free. Of course, I still get "Oh Where Is My Hairbrush" stuck in my head on a daily basis. Because I never know where Sadie has stowed hers. ;D